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Our Venture Funds (I & 2) invest in early stage AI startups in healthcare & software

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AI  Healthcare

Hedera Dx - AI-enabled liquid biopsy for faster, safer tumor profiling & therapy selection (led seed)

Inato -  Cut cost and duration of clinical trials, and improve patient access, matching, recruitment & retention (series A)

MEDIC - Functional genomics at scale ; focused on solid tumors in 3D (led seed)

Ryght AI - Enterprise-grade large language models for clinical and commercial teams in Biopharma (co-led seed)

Asa Ren - Bringing genomics at scale to SE Asia; building the definitive clinico-genomic dataset (led seed)

Not announced - AI medicinal chemistry with billions of biochemical measurements (seed)

AI software

Voxel 51 - Better AI model development for video/ image; with automated organizing, labeling and debugging of data at scale (co-led series A)

Vectara - API-focused search engine leveraging deep neural nets by distinguished ex-Google team (seed)

Kinetix - AI-assisted video style transfer and animation; applications to gaming (led seed)

Rembrand -  Generative AI for targeted product placement in short videos for superior monetization and user experience (seed)

Latentspace - AI-powered work assistants, starting with LLM-powered Business Intelligence (BI)  (led seed)

Mantium AI - AI data security (co-led seed)

MindMesh - LLMs for customer insights (seed round)

Latest Updates (Linkedin)


Adam Ghobarah , Founder

Prior to founding Top Harvest Capital in 2021, Adam was a general partner at Google Ventures (GV), where he focused on machine learning (ML) / AI (2012-2020) in software and in health care. Prior to joining GV, he was a director at Google (2006-2012). He built and led a world-class machine learning team that developed models for predicting advertiser behavior and systems for automating ML model training. He was previously a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University, focused on applying statistical machine learning to public health.

Choongsoon Bae , General Partner

Choongsoon has a decade of technical and executive experience in machine learning and statistics with exposure to startups. Prior to joining Top Harvest, Choongsoon was a partner at GV (Google Ventures) 2013-2022; focused on machine learning, AI and data science. Prior to joining GV, Choongsoon worked for 4 years at Google (2009-2013), focused on machine learning in advertising products. He received his PhD from UC Berkeley (2008) in statistical machine learning. 

Menlo Park, CA

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